Sunday, March 28, 2010


this place is the best kem ever among the last2 kem....this kem really serius n good for make changes for our school...i go to this kem it really teach me to teamwork,responsible n disciple.there are many i learn just that the really important..

There they teach how to kawad,to know what is the prefect must do n how to tahan pelajar..the modul i really like is nightwalk..a bit afraid but after that nothing to afraid of..this modul to look your mental n pysical..i the third last person must walk alone in the jungle..when go to walk..i bit afraid but have long walking in the jungle not afraid anymore..before i walk in the jungle..i hear someone screaming n start to say a password like..AHHHHHH!!!TOLONG TOLONG TOLONG CIKGU..JANGAN!!!..(dont knowla..who??because soo dark)

the last day,in kem soo sad because go home..n have fun there..not like at home..this day will get mandi at sungai congkak because we complete our simulation..there we not mandi ouh..until lah the last day we accomplished our simulation with team work we give to all cikgu2 n all prefects..

i hope we will go to this kem like this again n youall will see we make a different at school..

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